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Once you've completed the order form successfully, it's sent to us for processing. We carefully check the availability of all items and then generate an invoice for you. You can choose from various payment methods available. Typically, we apply a commission for our services, which is around 20% of the product's cost, depending on the processing complexity. Each order is unique, and the commission may vary based on factors like order amount and the number of items selected. Moreover, the larger your order, the lower the commission rate. Additionally, we offer a flexible system of promotional codes that you can acquire through our partners.

Additionally, it's important to note that if you order promotional goods or items with limited-time or limited-quantity offers, there is a possibility that they may not be available at the time of ordering. In such cases, we will be obligated to refund your payment. You can access the order form button below.
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After you've settled your bill, we initiate the ordering process for your item. Once it reaches our UK-wide order center, we promptly ship it to the address you've provided, based on the shipping category you've selected. Moreover, if you opt to receive notifications about your order by checking the designated box in the order form, we'll keep you informed at each step of the process. This includes notifications when the goods are ordered by us, received by us, and dispatched to their destination. Our team endeavors to carry out our operational tasks as swiftly as possible. You can track your package by clicking the button below.